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What is Yoga Sequencing Assistant mobile App ?
"Yoga Sequencing Assistant" is a very easy to use yoga poses sequencing application. It is designed to cover all the elementary needs of yoga lovers such as; 

- Pose (asana) names and descriptions of 120 poses in Sanskrit and English, 
- Basic Yoga Series
- Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A)
- Sun Salutation B (Surya Namaskar B)
- Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar)
- Beginner Level Series x 2 (as example series)
- Intermediate Level Series x 2 (as example series)
- Yoga Sequencing Assistant (with pose names) 
- Yoga Sequencing Assistant (without pose names)

The most useful feature of this app is to give users a flexibility to create their own yoga sequencing, just by drag and drop from a list of poses. Only this feature worth using the app and make you use the app for your daily yoga practice. 

The app designed for amateur and professional users. It can also be used by Yoga Teacher Training Program students and yoga teachers for creating yoga workshops and yoga lessons. Users can create Ashtanga primary, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga series by themselves with the help of Yoga Sequencing Assistant inside the app and share with their friend or students.

A complete new section added about CHAKRAS...
* 7 Main Chakras,
* Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra,
* Chakra Imbalances,
* Chakra Blockages,
* How to Heal Blocked and Imbalanced Chakras?
* How to Open Chakras?
* Mudras & Mantras,
* Life Cycle of 7 Chakras,
* Special Yoga Poses for Chakras,
* Complete Chakra Summary Table
* Chakra Colors, Chakra Stones
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