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By Jean Scheid


Every yogi should purchase a good pair of yoga socks. If your instructor has recommended these and you have never heard of them, we'll describe what they are, what the benefits are, and where you can get them.

What Are Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks or yoga toe socks help to keep your toes spread with ease. Yoga is about control, balance, and strength, including your toes and feet. Yoga socks allow your toes and feet to strengthen through a stretch and help to train them on cue each time your instructor says, "Spread your toes!" Yoga toe socks typically have a hole for each of your toes to poke through, ensuring increased flexibility. They also come in a mitten form, where your toes are enclosed but encased in toe compartments.

Yoga socks are a good way to achieve what the experts call yoga toes. Depending on the type you buy, you will gain improved balance through non-stick bottom grips along with full toe freedom. Toeless yoga socks are great to wear if you plan to go to class during the day. Wear them under your regular shoes or sandals and once at class, simply remove your sandals and begin your asana routine.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of yoga toe socks. Right off, if you choose the no-slip bottom toe socks, you'll find yoga movements like the Warrior pose easy to master through the help of increased grip. Both the non-stick bottom and regular yoga toe stocks help to keep your posture aligned. Good posture and balance are important goals in yoga. If your feet muscles are not exercised and strengthened along with other body parts, they can atrophy, causing pain or balancing issues.

Yoga socks keep your feet and toes right where they should be no matter what type of yoga you practice. Yoga toe socks also keep your feet warm during floor poses and help absorb sweat. If you're concerned about mat sharing, yoga socks are a great way to ensure cleanliness.

Some people also wear yoga socks when practicing without a mat, such as when they're outdoors, on a hardwood floor, or a wooden deck.

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yoga pant, yoga equipment, yoga, tight, pant