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How to Choose A Yoga Mat

A portion of the key components you ought to consider while picking a Yoga Mat is :


An obvious amongst the most crucial thought while picking a Yoga Mat is its thickness. This since the thickness of the tangle Yoga Mat the various variables. Ordinarily, yoga mats are between 3 mm to 6 mm thick. However, there are Yoga Mats, for example, Solid yoga Yoga Mat that is 15 mm thick.

Thickness is such an essential factor since you invest the majority of your energy remaining on the Yoga Mat or in the yoga pose. Thus you require padding gave by the Yoga Mat which is straightforwardly identified with the thickness. More than 4 mm of thickness should work best for a large portion of us. Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for more relief and protection, at that point you should search for mats with higher thickness also.


Yoga mats are produced using diverse materials like elastic based, synthetic based, Cotton floor covering based and so forth. Well for a few clients the materials utilized as a part of the fabricate of the Yoga mats does not make a difference given all other factor are dealt with, while for some other, these are an essential factor.

Elastic based mats are most normal; they are produced using the elastic or natural rubber created from the tree. When an issue with the elastic mats is that they have run of the mill elastic scent or smell in new Yoga Mats which as a rule blurs away with time. Elastic mats are great at dousing sweat and water, henceforth they give you great grasp. In any case, the drawback is that they require more up keeping and cleaning.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), and PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) are the normal concoction utilized as a part of the making of compound based mats. Cotton based mats are the regular mats utilized as a part of each family unit in Asia and Europe. These can be utilized in the event that you are doing yoga for a brief time frame as these don’t give much grasp and padding.

Another vital point you should check the material is climate you are hypersensitive to any of the parts utilized, for example, latex.


The significance of this factor relies upon the sort of yoga poses you aim to do. On the off chance that the yoga poses required heaps of turning, curving and sliding, at that point, you have guaranteed that the Yoga Mat has great footing. A footing is yoga mat implies how great hold, hostile to slip highlights is given. This relies on both wet and dry conditions. In the event that you are one of those whose palms gets sweat-soaked soon after a couple of yoga schedules at that point give careful consideration to the viability of wet footing gave by the Yoga Mat. For general cases, you have to consider the dry footing too. Decent yoga poses ought to have a sticky surface that will solidly hold you to the ground amid your yoga schedules.

Steadiness and Comfort

Another vital factor to take a gander at when purchasing yoga poses is the dependability and solace it gives. These components really rely upon the blend of different elements like thickness, material, and footing which we have secured independently above. In any case, you ought to likewise check the relief level give by the Yoga Mat, well that is the entire motivation behind purchasing a Yoga Mat.


When you purchase a Yoga Mat, you intend to utilize it for a no less than a half year. So sturdiness of the tangle turns into an imperative piece of your chosen criteria. On the off chance that you are normal with your yoga classes, at that point the tangle will get utilized ordinary. Over some stretch of time, the mat tends to destroy. The surface winds up noticeably defective and the finish layer begins to peel off.

A few Mats even begins to split along the lines where we overlap or move them. Another regular issue you would confront as the yoga Mat gets more seasoned is that it begins to free footing and stickiness. To keep away from this issues ( or if nothing else defer them for a considerable lot of time) you should ensure that the yoga Mat you buy is tough. Additionally, need to mull over what sort of guarantee the maker gives and to what extent. Great maker will be certain of their item and give a more drawn out guarantee.

We have taken criticism from individuals utilizing the Yoga Mat for quite a while to comprehend its strength. This is the least demanding approach to approve the sturdiness claim of the producer. The positioning has been given to the mats as needs are founded on these feedbacks.


Trans-portability is the straightforwardness with which you can bear the Mat. This may not be an essential factor for the individuals who are doing yoga at home or in a consistent place. Be that as it may, the individual who set out around or go to various yoga bunches this turns into an imperative factor for picking the right yoga mat. The mat must be light, effortlessly overlap capable or more capable and consume up to less room.

Additionally, the Yoga Mat must remain in the moved position and ought not to move. Some producer likewise gives a sack to bear the tangle. This will be an additional favorable position for somebody who is progressing. While some other makers give straps to keep the moved Yoga Mat in position. The pack or strap can likewise be acquired independently as an adornment.


As you keep on using the Yoga Mat, sweat, oil and other soil will begin to store on the layer and soon it turns out to be exceptionally messy. Consequently, it turns out to be vital that you keep the Yoga Mat clean by washing it routinely.

You ought to in a perfect world wipe it with water day by day and clean it all together at any rate once in two weeks. This is vital to keep your Mat scent free and microorganisms free.

Do take note of that the mats as a rule set aside loads of opportunity to dry. So it is the better time for your washing with an off day of your yoga schedule.

These are some of the many benefits of yoga mats. You can search the internet to find more benefits. If you are considering purchasing a mat, look at all of the different types that are available. Compare them and find the best one for your particular needs. This will prevent purchasing the wrong one and be having to purchase another one.

Last but not least if you are a serious follower of yoga and you don’t have the yoga mat you can choose a blanket instead of the yoga mat.

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yoga pant, yoga equipment, yoga, tight, pant
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